Information & updates on gym changes due to the COVID-19 Virus.

Please help us out by following our new rules and guidelines to allow Flushing Forged Fitness to be a safe, healthy environment for all!

The following guidelines are subject.

What to expect

when coming back to the gym
Your health matters to us. ⁣
Coming back to the gym feels like coming back to some sense of “normal”. Believe us, we’re excited too! But some things will look a little different. Here’s a glimpse of what your gym experience will look like:
1️⃣ Reserve your spot: All sessions must be reserved beforehand through the Wodify app⁣.
2️⃣ Screening: Upon entering, everyone will fill out a health questionnaire and get their temperature taken. ⁣
3️⃣ Hand washing: Participants are required to wash their hands before and after each session. ⁣
4️⃣ Workstations: Participants are required to remain in their workstations and maintain 6 feet of distance from others at all times. ⁣
5️⃣ Class times: Participants will have a 45 minute clock to enjoy their workout. A breakdown for each session will be available to guide in pacing. (i.e. 0-5 min – Warm-up, 5-15 min – Workout prep)⁣ ⁣
6️⃣ Chalk-Free Zone: For obvious reasons of limiting the amount of shared spaces and items touched by many people, there will not be any chalk at the gym.
7️⃣ Equipment: Cleaning supplies are provided at each workstation for the wiping down of equipment at the end of each session.⁣
8️⃣ Changing: Locker room access has been suspended for now to discourage congregating in small areas. So come to the gym in your workout clothes, ready to go.
9️⃣ Congregating (aka hanging out): This is probably the toughest change we’ll have to endure. We are a social bunch, but in order to keep social distancing practices successful, there will be no hanging out before or after class anywhere on or around the premises. ⁣
? Guidance: Although we are not allowed to instruct classes, our coaches are always here to make sure you are safe. They will be available for any questions you may have during your time at the gym.
Read below for more information on Reopening Guidelines.

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