Introductory sessions to prepare for group fitness sessions.
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3 One-on-One Sessions + 2 Weeks of Membership

Three (3) one-on-one sessions designed to provide you with an on-ramp to group sessions. You will work side by side with a coach as you learn about our approach to fitness, we learn about you, and you practice the fundamentals of foundational exercises.

Foundations is a great way to introduce yourself to the way sessions at the gym are structured, get to know your way around the gym, and get answers to any questions you may have about starting (or continuing) your fitness journey with us.

After completing your Foundations course, you will have 2 weeks to enjoy group sessions! Put all your newly learned skills to work and try out different class times to see how you can best fit the gym into your schedule.


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  • Intro to Fitness
  • Fundamentals
  • Athletic Development Course

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